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Strategy Services

Cloudway Partners offers a full range of Salesforce and Oracle strategy solutions to help mid- and large enterprise clients compete in today’s highly-competitive and rapidly evolving financial services industries.

What Strategy Challenges Do You Face?​

Systems designed for individual customers or countries

At Cloudway Partners, we believe that technology is something that should run through a company's veins and arteries and be the purview of every employee. Every successful Salesforce and Oracle implementation begins with a solid strategy, and especially if using both.   We can show you how to align your technology strategy to your company's corporate vision.

Financial Modeling

What Metrics do you use? ROI? TCO? Pain and suffering?

Traditional (and old-fashioned) metrics are difficult to measure in today's fast-paced, agile world.  We show you how to measure the things that really matter - company value, customer success, business agility. In the end, a high ROI doesn't matter much if your customers aren't happy. Cloudway Partners can guide you though a thorough financial model of your journey.


The architecture and data model you design up front will determine success or failure down the road. Cloudway Partners will help you design a sustainable architecture and supportive data model.  Unlike popular myth, it is not “set it and forget it.” We can ensure your success by helping you design a flexible, intuitive architecture and data model that can evolve and grow with your company.

Road Mapping

A successful transformation journey can be treacherous for the uninitiated. Can we tell you how to get there quickly, cheaply and painlessly?  Absolutely not. But we can show you how to get there carefully, deliberately, and with minimal surprises.

Education Planning
Would you rather invest $100,000 on one person’s MBA or in 50 people’s Salesforce/Oracle educations?

Education is the key to success. Educating your IT and business areas provides a tremendous return on investment.

A robust and comprehensive education plan engages employees and vests them in the company’s success, and inoculates you against a grass-roots rebellion. Cloudway Partners can help you develop a comprehensive education plan, and help you use it to maximize success.

Data Modeling

A good, well-planned data model is key to success. Thinking up front of what you need out of your system goes a long way to deciding what to put in to your system. Various reports - business, financial, compliance, regulatory, operational - all have a role to play in the design of a healthy and flexible data model. Without good data, you can't have good business.

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The Journey

Were you promised a yellow-brick road with rainbows & unicorns?

What's Your Journey?

What's Your Journey?

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